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5 Outdoor Furniture Essentials for Fall

‘Tis the season….The cooler breezes, breaking out the cozy sweaters, the pumpkin-spice-flavored drinks and the trees changing to beautiful warm colors – Fall is officially here! 

If you’re like us, we love to be outside this time of year. So, you may be looking around your home’s outdoor setting and realize that your outdoor patio may be looking a bit out-seasoned.

So, what can you do to maximize these areas to make them perfect for Fall cookouts and family gatherings? We can’t wait to tell you! Our team put together our list of our favorite outdoor essentials and why they should be your top must-haves for Fall. Check them out below! 

1. Fire Tables

If you have never heard of a fire table, there’s no time like the present to investigate this exciting alternative to an outdoor fireplace or fire pit! 

Fire Tables are a great way to warm up, or cozy around to either roast marshmallows, or enjoy a glass of wine. They are safer than fire pits, convenient to start, and not to mention – save you from purchasing endless amounts of firewood! 

They truly provide a festive centerpiece for friends and family to gather around on chilly nights.

2. Outdoor Wicker Furniture

If you’re used to sitting on metal chairs or an uncomfortable bench, now may be the right time to upgrade your outdoor living room with a beautiful outdoor wicker furniture collection. 

Wicker is durable, time-tested and can withstand sun, rain and even snow (however, we recommend using furniture covers or proper storage to get the best life span out of any outdoor furniture).

Elevate your patio with a loveseat, a chaise lounge or replace those old chairs with a new set that can be spruced up with matching, fall-inspired orange or burgundy cushions!

3. Outdoor Rugs

Who says rugs have to be for the inside of your house? Outdoor rugs provide a fantastic “living room” feel for your outdoor seating area, and if you host a lot of get-togethers or family dinners on your patio, having a rug may be the perfect piece that ties your wicker furniture, your fire table and your grill together.

4. Outdoor Heater

You may have wished that you could have one of those restaurant heaters on your patio so that you could enjoy the outdoors well into the winter. Now you can: Outdoor heaters can make frigid temperatures toasty again with their simple design and ability to heat up to 200 square feet of outdoor air.

Home outdoor heaters have come a long way in the past few years. There are a wide variety to choose from – whether you’re making your decision based on the amount of space you need heated, budget, or style of decor. 

5. Lighting

In the Fall, it only gets darker outside, the closer we get to Winter.  Lighting not only helps you get longevity in utilizing your outdoor space in a day, it creates warmth and an ambiance.

 Choose from a wonderful variety of lanterns, stringed lighting, fixtures and more! 

Even if you are planning on remaining home and social distancing this Fall, expand your indoor living space to outside as well- with a brand new outdoor living space, that will carry you through Fall. 

Visit Patio Pro to get started revamping your outdoor area for a Fall that you and your family are sure to remember as a happy, productive season in your life!

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