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How to Select and Maintain Your Patio Furniture

We’ve finally approached the season where outdoor living is having its day in the sun, and that means getting the patio furniture out, or perhaps buying new! 

After well over a year of safer at home guidelines and limitations on socialization, homeowners have not only spent more time on investing in updating their living spaces, but now are more than ready to entertain! So, with that comes extra wear on furniture, along with the need for additional furniture to accommodate more house guests. With these new investments, comes the importance of care and maintenance. After all, it’s nice to get the most life out of your belongings that you can, right? 

Not quite sure what you can be doing to get the most out of your patio furniture? No problem. Our team of outdoor furniture professionals have not only provided tips on selecting the right furniture, but how to take care of it as well! 

Selecting the Right Furniture

When shopping for patio furniture, you should consider not only the look of it, but also how the materials will function for intended use and stand up to the elements in your area. Here are some tips on choosing the right furniture for specific conditions:

Weather: think about the weather in your area and choose material made for your temperatures and typical amount of wind, sun and rain.

Function: consider how you will use the furniture and how many people you need to accommodate.

Space: assess your area, including the type of space, dimensions and any unique characteristics that may affect your furniture choices.

Mildew and Rust: if your area is prone to rain, humidity or excessive moisture, consider purchasing furniture that is resistant to mildew and rust.

Cleaning and Maintaining

While a 1200 to 1350 psi pressure washer is optimal for cleaning plastic or wrought-iron furniture, more gentle methods are better for the following types:

Wicker: while a gentle pressure wash or hose cleaning will work, you should use a sponge with mild soap and cold water to wash on a regular basis.

Wood: if the furniture is finished with exterior-grade varnish, you can clean it with soapy water, ensuring to rinse and dry thoroughly.

Fabric: machine wash furniture such as hammocks or those with removable machine-friendly cushion covers. Use the gentle cycle and hang to dry outside. Larger furniture can be cleaned with a sponge and a mixture of warm water and mild laundry detergent. Air dry after cleaning.

Protecting Your Investment

When properly protected, your patio furniture can last for years. Take the following steps to ensure your furniture stands up to the elements:

Covers: to ensure you get optimal protection from the elements, shop for covers made of heavy-duty materials, such as Oxford polyester.

Storage: store furniture that isn’t weather-resistant out of the elements in a garage or shed.

Waterproofing: use a paste wax for shine and water resistance.

When It Comes To Outdoor Furniture, Work With Raleigh’s Most Trusted

Well-chosen patio furniture can enhance the quality of your life by beautifying your yard and making your outdoor hours comfortable and enjoyable. Be sure to consider your specific lifestyle and area needs when shopping for your new furniture.

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