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How to Create the Best Outdoor Living Space In a Limited Area

Outdoor living space is a significant draw when you’re on the hunt for a new place to live. Whether it’s an apartment or house, you’ll probably want a nice place to relax outside.

But what if your space is limited?

Not to worry. Although limited outdoor space can be a common woe for homeowners and renters, you’ll have no trouble finding ways you can open up your space. Here are just a few suggestions.

Find Your Focus

Every outdoor patio should have a focal point. This will be what your guests gather around. The best options are a patio table or fire pit because they’re inviting and create a welcoming space. If you want to use a fire pit, make sure the area is safe to have an open flame. Also, confirm with your landlord or property manager that fire pits are allowed.

Maximize Your Space

Another option is to maximize your space using furniture that allows for flexibility and movement. A few examples of space-saving furniture might include:

•   Hammocks 

•   Nesting tables

•   Cushions you can stack or store away 

•   A table that doubles as storage

•   A table that easily conceals stools when not in use 

Arrange Your Furniture Strategically

Furniture arrangement is critical when setting up your outdoor living space, especially when it’s small. Of course, you don’t want to have a small space filled with oversized furniture. That said, you’ll still want to be comfortable. So, remember, the general rule of thumb is that the longest furniture goes against the longest wall. So, a sofa against a wall with two armchairs facing it will be a nice setup.

Enhance Your Architecture

You could also use your existing architecture to expand your space. Consider adding a pergola or canopy if your back porch is a good size for a sitting area but only offers minimal coverage. This will expand your usable space to include an outdoor area that’s shady and provides cover from the rain.

Add Key Elements

Having a focal point on your patio is key, but you’ll also want to include a few eye-catching elements, too. For example, an outdoor rug that defines the sitting area, a rolling bar cart, or a few hanging plants can tie a patio or deck together without taking up precious space.

Find Great Options at Patio Pro

There are so many options to make the most of your limited outdoor space. The ones listed here are excellent choices, but if you want to explore other ideas, you should check out some of Patio Pro’s ideas for taking your patio or deck to the next level. Stop by our showroom at 8921 Glenwood Ave – where we offer the largest in-house inventory in Raleigh, or call our team at (919) 789-8444. We’ll help you utilize the space you have.  

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