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How To Best Clean Outdoor Aluminum Furniture

The US outdoor furniture market is estimated to be about 9 billion dollars per year. A major amount of those dollars are going to buy outdoor aluminum furniture, which is a proven winner when it comes to outfitting patios, porches and decks. Aluminum is recognized as a strong choice for this kind of furniture because it is durable and aesthetically pleasing. It’s also easy to clean.

Because aluminum furniture has such pleasing features and requires so little upkeep, it remains a popular choice for folks who want a step up from plastic. Still, one common question that people want to know before they invest is how best to clean it. There are techniques that you can learn to clean and bring out the dynamic beauty of the aluminum.

Cast Aluminum vs Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

There are two types of aluminum furniture that are commonly found in outdoor use. Indeed, there are significant differences between casual aluminum and cast aluminum furniture. Casual aluminum goes through a process called extrusion, in which it is simply bent into the form that it’s meant to take, such as the back or legs of a chair. Cast aluminum, on the other hand, is poured into a mold, where it sets in a cast frame.

Casual, or hollow, aluminum is the lighter of the two types and is both sturdy and easy to move. They are easy to store because they are light and stackable. By contrast, cast aluminum is much heavier. The manufacturing technique allows for more intricate designs to be crafted into the final product. Cast aluminum furniture generally lasts longer than the casual type.

Isolating Your Cleaning Purposes

There are a few things to consider when cleaning this type of furniture. Aside from removing dirt and grime, you’re also looking to eliminate calcium buildup and oxidation. When you’re cleaning your items, you want to avoid any kind of chipping, scratching or peeling. The cleaning supplies that you can use are pretty basic, and they include:

•   Oil

•   Wax

•   Mild soap

•   Warm water

•   Sponges & rags

Cleaning Techniques for Outdoor Aluminum Furniture

Oil or wax is the perfect way to get a bright and polished finish. Automotive wax is a good type of product to use and it will help to remove dirt and grime, as well as keeping up the luster that separates aluminum from other materials.

The best way to remove oxidation is to get to it quickly. Treating specks as soon as you come across them will eliminate them and prevent a small issue from becoming a big one. Vinegar and water is the best way to deal with calcium buildup, and warm, soapy water is an easy way to keep the aluminum free of dirt, grime and other debris.

Both Types of Outdoor Aluminum Furniture Work Well

Outdoor aluminum furniture sets a space apart and both casual and cast aluminum furniture work well for any scenario. Both are a bit more elegant and durable than other types. It gives an elevated feel to an outdoor space.

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