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Small Outdoor Space? 3 Tips on How To Fit Your Patio Furniture

Enhancing a patio with great furniture will make it more comfortable and prompt you to spend more time enjoying your home’s outdoor space. When you don’t have a lot of space to work with, you need to choose and place pieces wisely to really make the most of it. Here are three smart tips for fitting furniture into a small patio to create a functional, fantastic-looking design.

1. Consider the Shape Strategically

In choosing the ideal layout for a small patio, the shape of the space where you need everything to fit can be just as important as the size. Patios with small, angular edges may seem as though they have less usable room than they really do. Try not to leave dead spaces in corners. Make full use of corners by putting seating there. Several small pieces may work better than just a couple of large pieces.

2. Get Versatile Options

Getting patio furniture that is easy to move will make your space more dynamic. When you can change a seating arrangement with ease, you can optimize the position of pieces as well as the total seating available to accommodate a variety of uses and number of guests.

Make your primary seating lightweight so you can move it without difficulty. Folding or stackable chairs are a great option. Ottomans that double as storage pieces are an excellent addition that will allow you to keep things in a convenient place without adding clutter.

It may be advantageous to buy sets that fit together. Having ottomans that slide under seats or tables, for instance, gives you an option to extend pieces’ legroom for optimal comfort without permanently overcrowding your patio’s square footage. Ottomans can serve as extra seats when you have to make room for extra guests. By placing flat, heavy trays on top of ottomans, they can also double as surfaces to put food and drinks on.

3. Save Most of the Floorspace for Seating

Taking up too much floorspace with nonessential items such as clunky tables or large plants could really cut into its usable square footage. Bear in mind that you need a reasonable amount of room to walk into your patio or get up from furniture and walk out with a clear path. Having to maneuver in and out makes a layout less practical and functional. Preserve as much of the area as you can for comfortable seating that you can recline in.

Limit the number of decorative items that you keep on the patio’s floor. Make use of vertical space. Hang potted plants instead of placing them on the floor. Consider installing shelving and additional small storage and surfaces directly onto your home’s exterior. Get tables that have built-in umbrellas instead of standalone shade fixtures.

Shop a Large Selection

When you’re shopping for patio furniture, checking out a lot of different options will help ensure that you find exactly what you need and won’t have to compromise on form or functionality. To find the best furniture for your patio, contact Patio Pro at (919) 789-8444 or come by our showroom. We have a great selection of high-quality, stylish outdoor furniture to fit any patio size and shape.

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